Working with a ‘reg’

Recently Netflix have added a load of the Fast & Furious movies, which I have been watching, jolly good entertainment. I noticed that Justin Lin had directed a few of the movies, and how he must know the cast (and characters) very well.

An outdoor shoot with a reg

That got me thinking about some of the regulars I get to work with. One of the ladies I recently worked with again, I sent her photos through and she got back to me with feedback about how she looked in the photos, the odd smile, the way her eyes looked etc. Now, I was pleased with the photos, but the feedback was actually really good, since I started noticing what she was saying. I still had a set of images to edit for her, so I was able to notice the things she had told me and when I sent the last set through, she was much more happy with them.

Working with a regular client is really helpful for things like this. It really helps on the day of the shoot, since I can give direction about how to stand, smile, look etc. and then with the editing, since I know what to look for in each photo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working with anyone, a regular or someone new. With someone new, it’s a bit more involved, since the first few minutes are spent with me having to observe the new client and really trying to pick up on their ways, tendencies, which side they prefer, and then, when editing, I’m never quite sure how the photos will come over and if they like the look of the images, and most importantly, how THEY look in the photos.

The other great thing about working with a reg is for their benefit :

There’s always a discount for returning customers!

What do you have to loose? I have more tours planned, August I will be in Manchester and Glasgow, then I’m looking at Newcastle in September.

Also, for August, I have some very big news, all work related, so check back soon!