Where Can We Shoot?

Your Place of Work

If you work from home or a rented flat, we can shoot there. The tidier the better, but it doesn’t have to be pristine. Most ladies have a work room, with a nice bed, mirror etc, and is nicely decorated, so we can use that.

If you have a place to work from, it is usually the best, since it’s where you feel most comfortable and it’s best you’re relaxed. I do understand you might be a bit nervous, you might not be used to be in front of the camera, so being on ‘home turf’ will be a help.I try to make sure we get different shots and different backgrounds, so the bigger the room, the better, then some photos can be on the bed, some against the wall, maybe in the bathroom; I want to make sure you have as much as a portfolio as possible.

I am happy to travel to you and it is all included in my prices.

In a Hotel

It is nice to work in a nice hotel, a different look, a nicer décor, something that doesn’t show your work place. I have a lot of ladies, book a nice hotel for the day and then take bookings before/after the shoot.

I now offer packages where I can sort the a hotel for you. For an extra cost of £50 – £100, I can arrange a nice hotel room for the shoot, from a nice room to a luxury one to a full apartment.

In a Studio

I have worked in a lot of studios in my time now and the results can be very different from a hotel/work location shoot. There is more lighting, simpler backdrops, props etc.

The price of a studio is a little extra, again from about £50 – £100, depending on what you want to choose and for how long.

A studio can be picked which is close to you (there maybe some travel involved) and all studios usually have a dressing room, wi-fi and tea or coffee. There is someone who owns the studio, who will help with the set up, but they will then leave us in peace (or they can stick around, as a chaperone, if you wanted them there).

Studio shoots can take a little longer, simply since the set up might take a while, but once we’re up and running, we can carry on the shoot with very little interruptions.


If you are feeling brave enough, we could do a shoot outside. Locally I know of some good places, but if I am travelling to your area, you’ll need to know of a place or two. If not, we can just see where the road takes us. I shot this video in Somerset, simply by driving around and finding a very quiet spot.

Obviously, you’re the one who needs to do all the work on an outdoor shoot, but I will do my best to make sure the photos/videos are done as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you live in a city, there is still the chance to do some outdoor nude photos, but again, that’s up to you. It’s best to head to the local countryside or maybe a beach, where it isn’t so obvious. Outdoor shoots can be great and can provide a really amazing backdrop to images. They are not the normal thing you might have on a profile, but it does add something different.


Any Other Locations

I don’t usually drive when I’m on a tour, so if you have a car, it makes things easier. If you are in the South West, I am happy to drive you around, again, all that is included in the price, depending on how far we might have to travel, if it is going to be a bit of a drive, I would have to charge for time and fuel, but this would all be discussed beforehand.

I have also worked in old castles, on the beach, an old Gentleman’s Club, in a pub…the list goes on. If you have any ideas, just let me know, I like to have a full and varied portfolio as possible, so the more interesting the location, the better.