Wash, rinse, repeat…

I was having a chat with a lady recently about photos. She showed me one she had had done at a professional studio. The photo was stunning, very nicely edited, on a particular set, in a particular pose. It’s not my cuppa tea, but I appreciated the artistry that had gone into it.

She then showed me a photo, from the same studio, of a different lady. The photo was pretty much exactly the same! Same lighting, same set, same pose, same editing.

The professional has a full studio and charges several hundred pounds for about six photos. It seems though that some of the photos are just a ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ with the images, same set, same pose, same photo, next model, over and over.

THIS IS NOT HOW I WORK. OK, so I like to think I have a couple of ‘signature shots’, but my main aim is to get you a full working portfolio, different poses, different outfits, different backdrops. What would be the point of having a handful of photos that looks exactly the same as someone else’s portfolio?

I love how I go into a new place and I never know what to expect, it might be a hotel, a rented flat, a dungeon, I just don’t know, but I LOVE that! What I do know is, there won’t be a flat white walk and a the same old chez long, chair, piece of generic furniture etc. I was offered a studio last year and I turned it down, purely for this reason, I didn’t want to be taking the same photos over and over again.

A photo of cloning

And, while I’m here, I DO NOT OVERLY PHOTOSHOP. I can do it, but I don’t do it.

American Beauty

This is one of my photos, then edited in PS to add all the roses petals. I enjoy editing in PS, but, for escort photos, it’s not good.

When I first started, I had a lady want some photos and she asked me to photoshop them to make her look a little thinner, smooth her skin and generally go OTT with the editing, so, I did want the client asked. She they used the photos on her profile and had a couple of clients walk, coz her photos didn’t look anything like her. I got the blame. From that day on, I decided that for escort photos, I don’t do the heavy photoshopping, it’s ‘dishonest’. I want you to look like you, but the best you can look! I’ve said it before, but my motto is : Be sexy. Be you!