Unlocking Level 43 – One week late for Star Wars Day

It was Star Wars day last week, May The Forth, which I love, coz I always have a good day then, but it also annoys me, since I was supposed to be born that day, but I was a week late. Yes, it’s a subtle way of saying it’s my birthday May 11th.

I don’t like to think of age as ‘years old’, I like to think of them as ‘level’. When I’m old, I’d rather be Level 80, than 80 Years Old. This year, I hit Level 43…I’m hoping some more abilities will unlocks and my health stats go up.

The best present I’m looking forward to is getting the foot back to normal. It will ultimately be a few more months, but I will be able to get my tour sorted. Manchester is almost fully booked, but I still have some time in Newcastle and in Glasgow.

Happy Star Wars Day

And the best thing about my birthday, is free food in some restaurants.