Tontober Offer for a personal website


A quick up date, I will be able to do photo or video shoots any time after Monday 15th Oct. 

Contact me for details

I have my last opp on my foot this week, which I’m really hoping is the last one, but it does mean I’m not planning on any photos for the month (with the exception of Wales in a couple of weeks), my next tour is looking more like November. 

Since I’m going to be laid up for a week or three, I’m offering Tontober on websites. 

I can make for you a personal escorting website, with your own content, what ever media you’d like, dates available, tours, phone number…you can have full control over your advertising. 

All the details are on my PG Websites page. 


website overhaul

Website Update - £100

Save £50

  • Full website overhaul
  • 1 years hosting
  • New layout
  • New galleries
  • SSL Secutiry
  • Website email
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Availability Diary
  • Links to AW and social media
  • 1 Year Support

brand new website

A New Website - £200

Save £100

  • Personal domain
  • 1 years hosting
  • SSL security
  • A new 'logo' for you
  • Website email
  • Search engine optimization
  • Several pages
  • Gallery & video links
  • Availability diary
  • Links to AW and social media
  • 1 years support

On going costs : 

  • £25 per year for hosting/domain
  • £100 for an overhaul 

That’s it! The first years hosting is included and then £25 a year after that. 

Later on, if you feel the site needs an update or overhaul, it’s a one off payment of £100 (per overhaul).