The pre-shoot phone call – Have you seen Star Wars?

I had someone recently who was nervous about speaking to me for the shoot we had lined up. No idea why…I’m not on the United Airlines customer support desk. #topical
The first thing I will say is ‘Hello’, usually in the voice of Peter Griffin (because of my profile on 🙂 ). I’ve had a few ladies disappointed that I didn’t do the voice, so now, I check and if the voice is required, I’ll do it.

Smile for me Lois.

The pre-shoot phone call is simply to go over the basics of the shoot. We’ll go over things like :

  • What kind of images are you after? A full set for your profile, new outfits, Private Gallery etc
  • What you might need to bring, again, outfit wise, make up, toys etc
  • Talk about the MRF (Model Release Form) and how you own the copyright to the images, not me
  • Confirm the location and time
  • You can ask any questions you might have

I find it’s also nice to talk in person, you can get a idea of what the person is like and, I usually find, I put the lady at ease, since she might be nervous. There’s honestly no need to be nervous! You’ll find I’m pretty chilled, I’m funny (well, I try to be), but at the same time professional. I hope, after the phone chat, you’ll be as looking forward to the shoot as much as me.
One of the important question I have is : Have you seen Star Wars? This is a very important question, since it will depend on if the booking goes ahead! 😀
I kid, I kid! I only mention it, since, in a recent conversation with a lady, it came up. I told her she needs to see it before the shoot and she told me she would, lol. I was only joking. I’m happy to shoot with anyone, Star Wars fan or not.