The next tour is all booked for Glasgow, Newcastle & Manchester – taking bookings now!

My foot is still in the stage of recovery, but I’m slowly getting back to walking, so I’ve decided to book up my next tour and it’s going to be a big one.

I’m planning on going to Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle and I’ll be gone for about 2 weeks. The tour will be broken up by a bit of a holiday as well, since I have been in the house for the past 3 months!

I have dates sorted, some deposits paid and hotels booked!

I’ve also ordered a new camera, for some very specific video work, which I can’t wait to try out! I’m hoping it’s going to add something to the videos which is going to put them on a new level…but I’m keeping it to myself at the moment. *wink wink*

I have two ladies who have booked me for 2 days each…one in a studio, one doing some outdoor work! I can’t wait! I’ve been cooped up with Photoshop, Premiere and YouTube, I’m bursting with ideas! I’ve also been sent some amazing videos I’ve been asked to try and recreate.

Honestly, I cannot wait to get back behind the camera.

‘Behind’ the camera