The calm before the storm

I just got back from Plymouth, where I was filming a wedding yesterday. The last dance wasn’t until late, so I didn’t get home till very late. I got back home today and I’m cream crackered, although, I had the chance to edit a quick video for my favorite porn star, lol.

So, today feels like an extra Saturday, since most of the weddings I do are on a Saturday, so now I have a longer weekend…it makes sense to me!

The next two weeks are going to be crazy!

  • Monday : Helping out in a mates factory
  • Tuesday : Photo workshop at an art group
  • Wednesday : Photo shoot
  • Thursday : Art group
  • Friday : Get to Manchester for 10am for a photo shoot, followed by another in the evening
  • Saturday : Two video shoots, including a ‘sensual massage’ video for a lady
  • Sunday : Photo/video shoot in the morning, then heading to Glasgow
  • Monday : Two photo shoots
  • Tuesday : Tow photo shoots
  • Wednesday : Heading back to Manchester and then staying in Brum
  • Thursday : One photo/video shoot
  • Friday : Art group and then setting up an exhibition of my older (landscape/wildlife) photos
  • Saturday : The exhibition

I’m tired just thinking about it all! I do have some spare time, just to chill out and see some sights, so if you are still interested, Contact Me for the details.

If I am quiet for the next few days, that’s why, I’ll be editing in the evenings and then getting ready for the next day. I have one more trip planned to Newcastle (and possibly Leeds) in early Oct, but that’s about it for this year. Tbh, I’m looking forward to the rest, but then, my plans always seem to change.