That's not how I work

Most photographers will take your photos, get you to sign the Model Release Form (MRF) and then use the images how they wish. I’m not most photographers.
I have spent my working life with personal and private images of other people, for me, privacy with my work is paramount. I follow all the guide lines of data protection and I do NOT use images at my discretion.
When I’m employed to take your photos, that’s exactly how I view them, YOUR photos. In the legal terms, I own the copyright as the photographer taking the images, but I always see them as yours, not mine. All the media I have on my website, my AW profile or anywhere else, is all posted with the permission of the girls I’ve shot with, to the point where I usually contact the girl, show her the image and ask if it’s OK to use. If she says no, I don’t use it. If she wants it cropped, blurred or any identifying marks removed, I’ll do that.
My MRF states : if I may use the images or not. Not all MRFs have this, but mine does (if you would like to see a copy of the MRF, I’ll happily email it to you for you to read), it means, if you don’t want me using your images, I won’t…if I do and it goes to court, I would be sued and loose. Simple as that.
I understand how discretion is one of the most important things in this industry and I do my up most to keep your images safe and not used without permission.