Thank you #London and #Birmingham

I got back home yesterday. The whole weekend was a bit of a whirlwind.
I got the train up to London on Thursday, caught up with a mate and then crashed out in a (terrible) hotel…honestly, I was asleep by 7pm! 🙁
Friday, up to Brum, had the chance to have a look around the shops (they have a Jessops, which I haven’t been in in ages!), then off for a shoot in a local hotel. Spent about 4 hours with a lovely lady, getting al sorts of images, from lacy underwear, to sexy secretary, to nude, to boudoir, to in the shower.
I had great feedback from her, saying she doesn’t like having her photo taken usually, but I made the whole experience, professional and FUN!
One quick funny part about the shoot. She is on the bed in some very sexy underwear, when she suddenly lets out a little shriek. Where the hotel room is, there’s a roof outside and, a winder cleaner walks pass!!! There were net curtains up and he didn’t stick around, but it made us both laugh.
Saturday I was back to London for a shoot with a couple. They have been together for over 40 years and had a civil partnership about 9 years back and wanted some candid photos for a canvas print for their home they will be living in soon in Spain.
They were great fun and really nice chaps. Genuinely had a really good laugh with them and their two dogs, one of whom was determined to be in every photo. 🙂
I got the train home and then crashed. I’m going to be back in the studio for the next few days now editing what I have and getting a price for the canvas sorted out. I have ordered a few canvases in the past, so I know a couple of good places.
And here’s a quick one from the weekend, with Steve & Tommy, the Naughty Storm Troopers. 😀

The naughty storm troopers