Some feedback and #Newcastle is all booked

It’s always nice to get some feedback, so when I get an email, quoting the following…

Thank you Phil. You’ve done an absolutely fantastic job for the price and I appreciate it so much. Even if you’re in the area in the near future I will use you again if you don’t mind, I already have something in mind. You were 100% fantastic, 100% professional and have made me feel completely comfortable with you. So thanks again.

…it makes me smile.
I like to think that I just do my job, I try to stay professional, but at the same time make it fun. The girl above said she doesn’t usually enjoy photo shoots, but she didn’t mind working with me.
I’m now booked up for Newcastle and London, with an outdoor shoot, three duo shoots, a shoot with a lovely TS, an agency shoot, more with a couple from London, parmo and more fun with Steve & Tommy, the Naughty Storm troopers. 😀

Newcastle visit all planned