Shooting with a male escort – same as a girl, just different bits

I do enjoy my job, most of the time, I’m in a studio or hotel or an escorts place of work and we’re happily working on images together. All the girls I have worked with are gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, but my work isn’t just about shooting hot girls in their underwear. Now and then, it’s about shooting a guy, in his underwear.
I’ve always said, I don’t mind what I’m photographing (as long as it’s legal), from portraits, to fashion, to private gallery, to toys…it kind of doesn’t matter what’s in front of the camera, it’s about the images I’m trying to make.
While in Newcastle in January, I had the chance to shoot with a male escort, a first for me, but the same as any other shoot, just different ‘bits’ if the clothes came off.

I’m going to stop them there, since I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else of interest to see. 🙂
I plan to see the above escort again, when I’m back in Newcastle, in May…I’ve been told he’s now been hitting the gym and totally ripped. It’ll be interesting to see him again.