Please Read

Some policies I have about my work.

1 –  A deposit is required

I require a deposit from all bookings, if I do not have a deposit, at least one week before the booking, I will consider it is not going ahead and possibly give the time slot to someone else.

If there is going to be a delay in the deposit, please let me know.

2 – I do not work with people that do drugs

If you take drugs on a booking with me, I will leave, immediately and all monies paid, in person or by deposit, will not be refunded.

3 – Please look at my portfolio and view my work before booking

I am a natural photographer, meaning I don’t have a studio, I don’t bring expensive lighting and I don’t over photoshop images. Please see my Gallery for the type of images you will be getting from me.

My images only have subtle editing, I don’t smooth out your skin, I don’t airbrush you to make you look thinner, I don’t make you contort yourself into strange poses.  My motto is : Be sexy. Be you. My main aim with a photo/video shoot, to make you look great, but without heavy editing or OTT photoshopped photos.

4 – I do not interact with whomever I shoot with

I have been asked about creating clips, such as POV photo/videos, but I do NOT do this. In both my professional and escort photography, I do not interact with the models/escorts. At times, I might need to touch someone, maybe to tuck in a label or adjust hair etc, I will always ask permission first. This is a very strict policy I stick too.

In my FAQs I also state that I do not do ‘service for service’, so please don’t ask, it’s money only.