Oh the times they are a changing…

So, I’ve been in DVD production for about 15 years now, but, the days of DVDs are numbered.
The last few shoots I’ve done, I’ve put all the images on a DVD for girls, but, two of them don’t have anything to play them on! I’m still ‘old school’ and have a DVD player in my computer, but the times, they are a changing…which gives me the chance to play Bob Dylan, singing over the opening credits of Watchmen, the last good movie by Zack Snyder (don’t get me started).
Any excuse. 🙂
So, from now on, a DVD of all the images will be on offer, but as default, I will be giving you your images on a USB stick, since pretty much all computers have them. If you’re only on a tablet, you can still download them via my private site, which is password protected.

USB stick

Please note…the USB sticks I use will NOT be doughnut shaped, they will be boring shaped.