November is going to be busy – and some new policies for work

Today I had an interesting phone call…I’m going to be spending a little while in London since I’ve been asked to photograph some models for a new website. I did some work for the same person about a year ago and he’s only just got around to getting the website sorted and he wants me to do all the media for him and the models. The website is due at the end of November, so I’m going to be up and back until everything is sorted.

I will be busy, but I plan to keep a few days to myself, so if you are interested in a shoot, you can still Contact Me and we can sort something out.

Behind the scenes

In other news, I’ve made some policy changes to working with me. They are fairly simple things to state, but I feel they need to emphasised, they are now on my AW Profile and on here as a Read Me.

1 –  A deposit is required

I require a deposit to secure a booking, if a deposit hasn’t been sent, the booking is not confirmed.

2 – I do not work with people that do drugs

If you take drugs on a booking with me, I will leave, immediately and all monies paid, in person or by deposit, will not be refunded.

3 – Please look at my portfolio and view my work before booking

Again, this is fairly obvious, but look at my portfolio, I don’t overly edit, get you to pose in odds ways or airbrush you thinner. I make you look amazing.

4 – I do not interact with whomever I shoot with

I have never and will never inappropriately touch a model. I do know of a couple of photographers, one who seem happy to have their cock felt up in photos, or another who will have a punt with you, so you can get the photos done for free…but this is not how I work. I am a professional and that’s how I keep things, I get paid with money and I do not do POV shoots, please don’t ask.

I know I sound a little harsh with those, but I just wanted to get the point across.