Newcastle in 2049…sort of.

Newcastle was fun, as it always is. I did have a couple of cancellations, but overall, it was well worth the trip, I have a new regular and I had a great trip out in a TVR, which is one of my dream cars.

It was certainly a good afternoon.

I also managed to see BLADE RUNNER 2049, which was amazingly good. I’m never sure about re-do’s, re-boots or sequels 30 years on, but this was really good. I also had one of the best steaks I’ve ever had.

I will be making some changes to some of my work policies including details about deposits, refusing to see some clients due to things like drinking or drug use on a shoot and exactly what you can expect from the photos I take. I’ll be sorting it out soon, I have a fair amount of editing to do first and videos to edit.

Here’s one of the beautiful ladies I had the privilege of working with this trip.

What to do?