My trip to Manchester and Glasgow – Bloody trains!

I’ve had a very busy last few weeks. I got back from Manchester/Glasgow on Thursday last week, only to have the Friday to set up an exhibition of my work at a gallery for Saturday.

I was leaving for the Manchester first thing on the Friday, but the first shoot I had planned had to be cancelled, a pain, but not the end of the world, since it would have meant a 4am start, so it was nice to enjoy the drive up.

The Saturday, I had a great shoot with a great lady, working on a massage video (which I’m still editing). We were hoping for a client of hers to be shown having the massage, but the guy she had lined up couldn’t make it, so we had to improvise…and no, it wasn’t me. I’m not one for being in front of the camera, I’m happy staying behind it.

From the Manchester shoot

Sunday, I had another cancellation, but again, it meant I could enjoy the trip up to Glasgow on the train. I was going to drive it, but it was just too far and, on the train, I was able to play Fallout 4 on the laptop…I can’t do that while driving, it’s ‘frowned upon’.

I’ve never been to Glasgow, so it was nice to get up there and have a look around. When I got there, I couldn’t find the underground, but I found a Subway, so I thought I would stop, have a bite to eat and then make my way to my hotel. In Subway, I asked the nice lady where the subway was (as in the underground), she looked at me, very puzzled, until I realised what I had said! I got to my hotel and was able to chill for the evening.

Monday, I had a lovely shoot with a lovely lady. It was an incalls, since the place I was staying it was more of an apartment (I use the term loosely), but it was very nice. The shoot went well and after lunch, I had a proper good look around the city.

As I said, I’ve never been to Glasgow, so it was nice to have a browse. I almost ended up buying a new camera, but I held off, for now.

Tuesday, I had an afternoon incall, again, with a lovely lady. She did have a lot of tattoos and having a pickle of a time covering them up for her (for discretion), but I haven’t really played in Photoshop for a while, so I don’t mind.

From the Tuesday shoot

The trip home was a bugger! I tired to save a few quid on the trains from Manchester to Glasgow, by booking the trip in sections…I ended up booking in the wrong direction and then paying more and getting home much later! That’ll teach me!

I had a great time and all the ladies I shot with have already said they want another shoot in Jan.

I have a tour to Newcastle next week, just three days, but they are going to be very, very full…including a car shoot and someone who wants to submit a portfolio to and wants me to do the photos for her. I can’t wait, it’ll be awesome to get some photos of mine on such a big website.