My tour of Newcastle and London – Well tell your face!

So, that was a busy week!
I had a lot planned for my visit to Newcastle and London, tbh, a little too much, but it was all good.
Monday, before flying up, I had to pop to Taunton to visit my favorite porn star, for some photos and some video. The photos were for her, the video was for me. More was planned, but we didn’t get it all done, but over the next few weeks and months, there will be more to follow, watch this space.

My fave porn star

In the evening, I flew up to Newcastle. The plane was a little delayed and I didn’t get to my hotel until about 10:30, but it was fine. I had a good nights rest.
Tuesday I was in Wallsend for an all day shoot with a lovely girl, who had some great ideas for photos. I got to hers, got the kettle on (no biscuits, as I was promised (private joke 🙂 )). I met her pets, one of who was a little dog who was adorable! The little dog wanted me to play with her all day, and I could have, but I was there to work and so we got on to the shoot.
It was a great day, lots of fun and some great photos. I try to keep a smile on the girls face, so now and then, the conversation would go :
Me : Are we having a good time?
Girl : Yes.
Me : Well tell your face!
I’m far to cheeky for my own good, but I couldn’t help myself, hehe. She did see the funny side, so it was all good.
What a peach.

Wednesday I had a shoot lined up, but it fell through last minute, so in the end, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 instead. Which, btw, is excellent fun! You have to love baby Groot.
In the evening, I was invited out to dinner with a lady who runs an agency and her family. We met up at a great restaurant, had some drinks, some laughs and talked about a days shooting next time I was in Newcastle.
Thursday, I was heading off to London, with a stop off in Durham, to meet a duo for a shoot.  This was such a laugh…at one point, we were laughing so much, I thought I was going to choke! 😀
Signature shot

Both girls were really great, very funny and had some wonderfully creative ideas and clothes. It was a good day. I caught the bus down to them and caught it back to the station, while waiting, I had the ‘nutter on the bus’ start talk to me. She was a funny lady. At one point, she said to me ‘I can tell when I guy likes me!’ and winked at me. I thought, no you don’t!!!
Friday was a day shoot with an agency, there several girls there to shoot, coming in and out during the day. It was a long and intense day, but I’m very proud of my work (not just on the Friday, but over the whole week).
At one point, I was shooting one girl from the ground, I was laying on my back and aiming at her bum. I’d got the photo and went to get up. I rolled back and then forth to help myself up….and I farted! I could not believe it! The room was full of beautiful women and I went and dropped one!
Saturday, I was with the gay couple I shot with recently for some more photos. These guys were great, they are so much fun and genuinely lovely people. They have invited me to visit their villa in Spain for more photos and to stay a few days…I might have to charge for travel costs on that, lol.
All in all, it was a great trip. I honestly felt some of my work is the best I have done, but then, with time and experience, you should improve. My next trip is planned for August already and, if you have had a shoot with me before, there’s 10% off my prices.