My Left Foot – A story of cabin fever

When I got back from Manchester/Glasgow on the Saturday, everything was fine. Sunday evening, I was going to help my landlord move a mattress upstairs for him. I made my way down to his place, on the last step, I missed it, my foot hit the floor with a crack, than an ouch!


So, off to A&E….Xrays, pain killers and a cast. The next day, I get a phone call first thing, I need to come back in for surgery! I have a Lisfranc Fracture, which means pins for now and more surgery in two weeks…then a 3 month recovery!

Over the next two weeks, the foot starts to feel better, but then the second surgery, means it’s now back to square one.

It’s now been 10 days since the op and another 10 days before the cast is off, to have another one on. I bought Assassin’s Creed Origins, since I thought it would keep me busy, but I’ve finished it in an easy 60 hours already.

I am getting a little bit of cabin fever, but I am using my time wisely. I’ve been on YouTube, a few photography forums, in Photoshop etc, brushing up on things, learning new techniques, looking at new equipment. By the time I am ‘back on my feet’ (I don’t get tired of hearing that joke), I’ll be all set and ready to go. I already have about half a dozen shoots confirmed, they are just waiting for me to get better and I get get them sorted. I genuinely cannot wait to get back behind the camera!

Behind the Scenes

And thank you for all the nice messages, emails, DMs etc you’ve been sending, it’s been so nice to read and it really breaks my days up. If you ever want a chat with someone, PLEASE call, I’ll be happy to shoot the shit with someone.

Also, with the snow, I’m pretty pissed…1, I’ve been looking at doing a local calendar for ages, and now it’s snowing, I can’t get outside!!! 2, I was hoping for some ‘nude in the snow’ photos, but again, can’t get out. 3, my boiler is playing up and 4, I love walking barefoot in the snow and I can’t risk it. #rant over

Over, since it’s my left foot, I have this as an ear worm…enjoy.

I am planning on the next tours, Newcastle, Manchester and Glasgow, dates at the moment are beginning of May and beginning of June, dates will follow as soon as I know what’s going on with the foot.