My dad selling movies, 35 years ago…

I got an email today from a customer of my dads, from over 35 years ago!

As I’ve said, dad was a projectionist growing up in a local cinema and we had a cinema in the garage, we also sold Super 8mm movies, things like Star Wars, The Sound of Music, Barbarella etc, were all available on 8mm (before the days of video).

Dad used to sell and hire out projectors and movies to people. Hence why I remember Star Wars from such a young age. I used to help dad splice 8mm films together and pack them ready to send on to customers. It wasn’t until 1992 that we started making our own videos, but it was nice to think that there are still movies out there with my dads hand writing on it. 🙂

The Home Movie Center

In the customers email, he said :

I bought my batch of films from the library in 1982.   So after 35 years some more of the original collection is back together again. I’m attaching some pictures of the boxes. Given these have dates from 1979 on them, I am guessing these labels were likely written out my one of your parents. Sadly the colour of this these has faded a bit, but they are still very watchable, and sound quality is perfect. I have been watching them over this weekend.

I will admit, I did smile at the fact he’d got Barbarella. I do remember seeing that as a young lad in my teens, just hitting the age of puberty and how Jane Fonda was very helpful in getting me through it.