My Achilles' heel – 'Go on, it'll be funny!'

Everyone has an Achilles’ heel, a weakness, something which makes them cave in. For me, it’s the expression ‘Go on, it’ll be funny!’.
I’ve been trying to get a few more ‘behind the scenes’ photos, purely for this blog and shameless self promotion, but honestly, I keep forgetting. When I’m on the shoot, I’m focused on taking photos for the girl, not for me, but then, every now and then, the opportunity presents itself.
For example, last year, I had the chance to have a shoot with a girl in a shut down strip club, the setting was amazing, a huge mirror in front of a pole on a stage, a dancing cage and booths. I’ve shot with the girl on a couple of occasions (and will be seeing her again in April).
While there, waiting for girl to change outfits, I was on the stage, seeing how difficult pole dancing is. It is very difficult, the girls that do it well, make it look very easy and fair play to them.
Anyways, the girl comes back from changing and starts laughing at me, since I must have looked like a David Brent but with a pole. She then picks up my camera, to which I scream ‘NO! Don’t take a photo!’, which she replies with, my Achilles’ heel, ‘Go on…it’ll be funny!’.
I apologise now for the visual image that follows!

‘Go on, it’ll be funny!’

As you can see from the photo, the girl had been doing a lot more exercise than me and she was a lot better at the dancing than me.
At least I can take a half decent photograph, in the future I’ll leave the posing to the girls and I’ll stay behind the camera.