May The Fourth Be With You! Getting my first tattoo…

May the 4th has always been a special day for me, since it takes me back to one of my first ever childhood memories. My dad had converted the garage into a little cinema, with cinema seats, a big 7 foot screen, a projection room and, if I was lucky, mum would come around in a piny with ice creams. 🙂
My dad loved sci-fi and so did I. We would sit and watch movies and then talk about the acting, the direction, the photography, the music etc. It’s where I like to think I got a flare for DVD production and photography came from, a life time of examining images and movies.
Today though, on Star Wars Day, I’m got my first ever tattoo, which is Star Wars related.
I had worked with a model the end of last year and she put me in touch with a friend who was a tattoo artist, but due to me fannying around, I only just got making a booking, which was for today, May the 4th. It was the Force guiding me!
So, I went along, met a great girl who did an amazing job, even though it hurt like a bugger!

The out lining

Now, I understand the quality of the photo isn’t very good, in my defence, I was pretty pleased I could hold the camera up, since I was in a lot of pain. I’m not a big one on pain and this hurt.
The girl doing it, thought it was hilarious! When I called her bitch a couple of times, she found that funnier!
Getting there

As time went on, I was happy to think it was getting closer to the end. And then it was all over. I’m pretty chuffed with it as it’s been on my bucket list for about 10 years…and I did it on Star Wars Day.
Boba Fett tattoo