Manchester was so great, I’m already planning a return

I’ve never been to Manchester, until this week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, everyone didn’t look like Liam Gallagher.
I managed to find a place near Media City, which I was able to offer incalls from. The location was great, since I found it really easily and it was in a very nice spot. I had the chance to have a wonder around Media City, which was good fun. While there, I met Steph from Watchdog, who was lovely.

The Peter Griffin face was added to protect the innocent. I actually chatted to her for a while, we bought a sandwich at the same place. I took this photo with my main camera, so I’m counting it as a ‘photo shoot with Steph from the BBC’. 😀
One evening, I’d popped out of a bite and when got back to my hotel, I got in the elevator with Mr Tumble! He was very nice too and I had to take a photo for my niece, coz she loves him.

Again, face added, obviously.
The shoots I had were great, I get to work with some really awesome people and it really makes a tour a tour! I had some lovely feedback already :

Just having a look at these photos now, some of these are amazing, thank you so much! Is that actually me?! Wow I feel a million dollars, thank you!

Yes, it was her, all I did was help her pose correctly, get the lighting right and take the photos. As I said, I was pleased with all the shoots I had and even got to make a video.

The girl has asked for the video, so we went through a few video ideas I had. I’m not one for just ‘filming a girl walking around’, I like to have a little story to each of the videos, I’m not talking War & Peace, but at least a story line of something. I have been working on some story boards and ideas, so we liked this one of ‘coming home after a great meeting’ type of thing.
I have edited a good few of the photos I’ve taken but, as per my rule, I don’t get to share many of the images, since the copyright is signed over to the girl and they don’t usually let me use them. It’s a two edged sword, since I’m incredibly proud of the photos, but I respect the girls privacy.

Me at work

The good news is, I had more interest than I expected, which means, I’m already planning another trip for August. Dates to be confirmed.