"I've had to turn down bookings due to being busy."

I made a joke the other day, on UKEscorting.com, about my photos can increase your bookings by 450% (which was a joke, obviously, I didn’t spend any money on market research). Well, it’s nice to get emails like this from someone I recently worked with.

My photos have gone down a treat everyone loving the pics, I’ve had to turn down bookings tonight due to being busy.

OK, so it might not be the full 450%, but it was nice to see that she’s put up my photos on her profile, both in her free gallery and her private gallery…and punters seemed to like them.
As I have often said, I try to keep the photos as natural as possible, I don’t over edit them, I don’t airbrush them…OK, I might get a little artistic in one or two, but the main thing is to make you look your best. Here are a few of the images I had permission to post.

I’ve been asked about going to London and Newcastle before the end of the year, but I’m in hibernation mode now, so I said no. I’ve re-arranged them now for after the new year.
It’s been a busy year and I always like my time off over Xmas. I’ll be back back soon, with news and a new project in the works, details will follow.
I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And a huge thank you to all the wonderful girls I’ve worked with this year. I can’t wait to work with you again and to meet some new ones.