Before the shoot

Before the shoot takes place, I like to talk to you on the phone, it’s good to go over the details in person, I can explain more about the shoot and we can confirm a time and place etc. If you have any questions, you can ask. Also if you have any images you are after, please send them through to me, it gives me the chance to see exactly what you are after.

I do require a non-refundable deposit before any shoot.  Once we have confirmed a date and location, details will be sent to you.

During the shoot

On the day of the shoot, I like to sit down first and have a chat (hopefully over a cuppa) and we can have a look at the Release Form, I like to make sure you understand it all and you can ask any questions you might have.

The shoot itself I try to make it as fun as possible. I’m a big believer in ‘If you’re smiling, your body is smiling‘, so even if you don’t want your face shown in the finished images, I’ll still get a smile out of you. I will help you relax and pose in the most natural way possible.

I can understand that you might be nervous, that you don’t know how to pose, you can leave all that to me. I’ve worked with lots of people, from professional models to ladies who are very nervous in front of a camera. To be honest, if you don’t know how to pose, that makes things easier, when you have to think about posing, it’s never that natural, so I will give you direction, how to stand, how to breathe (yes, that makes a difference), how to lay etc. You only have to relax and enjoy the shoot…I’m the one that has to do all the work.

When we have finished the shoot, I will put everything on a USB stick for you, so you have a copy of everything I have taken.

After the shoot

I will then edit what I think are the best images. I do not overly ‘photoshop’ them, I don’t make your skin look like plastic. The editing is very light, bringing up the shadows, bringing down highlights etc. I will put it through Photoshop to blur out your face or tattoos, but that’s it. I will get the images looking as best I can and getting you looking the sexiest you’ve ever been.

Since you will have everything I have taken, if there are specific images you would like me to edit, you only need to ask and it will be done for you, at no extra cost.

You will usually get between 30 – 50 images per hours worth of shoot, delivered to you within 7 days, on a private server with a password or via Dropbox. You will have a full portfolio to choose from, not just half a dozen images, but a full set of everything we have taken on the day.

Photos stay on the  server/Dropbox for 6 months. After that time, if you need me to upload them again, there is a small fee.

On the way to the shoot, I would suggest as loose fitting clothes as possible, tight clothes will cause ‘marks’, which I can edit out, but it’s easier to not start with them, so keep your underwear and clothes loose and comfortable. For the actual shoot, I can’t say I’m a follower of fashion, so I don’t have a clue about fashion, I don’t know what colours compliment your complexion, or what kind of corset is best for your body type. The best advice I can give you is :

Wear what you feel most comfortable in! 

I usually say ‘If you were expecting a client for the first time and no dress code has been requested…what would you wear?’, you know what dresses/underwear you like the best, what you feel most comfortable in, so bring that along.  Lots of ladies like to treat themselves to new underwear, which is great, but please try it on first, so you won’t be disappointed on the day.

I know nothing about fashion. I probably should take more notice and I do browse through the occasional style magazine or website, but a ‘dedicated follower of fashion’, I am not.

We can usually aim for 3 or 4 outfits (depending on the time), but bring a range of things…also, think outside of the box, maybe you have had a request for an outfit, cosplay or something simple, why don’t we try that on the day? Something simple, like a plain white shirt can look very sexy.

Be creative with your choices, sexy underwear is a little cliché for boudoir photos really, so bring an evening dress maybe or a secretary’s outfit or a PVC catsuit. The choice is yours, so bring what you feel best in, what makes you feel ready for a booking.

For shoes, I do know that Louboutin’s are very nice, but that doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy a pair, just bring your favourite ones. It’s best to not wear them on the way to the shoot, since you don’t want the bottoms scuffed on the day, again, I can fix that in photoshop, but I would rather not. And don’t forget to clean them, I can’t see you turning up like they’ve been through a muddy field, but a quick clean will make all the difference.

Again, it’s best to bring a few, some stilettos or other shoes that you like. I do find that stilettos are very good for helping your figure and stance. I like to do a series of ‘walking’ photos and, with nice heels, it really helps you feel your best, walk your best and get that ‘bum wiggle’, to really make you look you amazing.

Holding Out

If you have shoes that match your underwear, fantastic. Although, sometimes the contrast in underwear and shoes can look great as well. As I have just said, think outside of the box, maybe to try something a little different, something a little new.

Also, I know this is going to sound silly, but shoes you can walk in are a big help. They might look very sexy, but if you are falling over, that’s not going to make life easy.

As for make up, I leave this up to you. Even if you aren’t going to show your face, it’s best to do your make up, since it does make you feel better looking, if you see what I mean? Some lovely red lipstick, with a nice smile, will show on a blurred face, so it can make a difference.

Some ladies like to have their hair and nails done before the shoot, so why not. Again, something like nails, if they are chipped, will show on a photo, but can be fixed, but if they are looking great on the day, all the better.

Your Place of Work

If you work from home or a rented flat, we can shoot there. The tidier the better, but it doesn’t have to be pristine. Most ladies have a work room, with a nice bed, mirror etc, and is nicely decorated, so we can use that.

If you have a place to work from, it is usually the best, since it’s where you feel most comfortable and it’s best you’re relaxed. I do understand you might be a bit nervous, you might not be used to be in front of the camera, so being on ‘home turf’ will be a help.I try to make sure we get different shots and different backgrounds, so the bigger the room, the better, then some photos can be on the bed, some against the wall, maybe in the bathroom; I want to make sure you have as much as a portfolio as possible.

I am happy to travel to you and it is all included in my prices.

In a hotel

It is nice to work in a nice hotel, a different look, a nicer décor, something that doesn’t show your work place. I have a lot of ladies, book a nice hotel for the day and then take bookings before/after the shoot.

I now offer packages where I can sort the a hotel for you. For an extra cost of £50 – £100, I can arrange a nice hotel room for the shoot, from a nice room to a luxury one to a full apartment.

In a studio

I have worked in a lot of studios in my time now and the results can be very different from a hotel/work location shoot. There is more lighting, simpler backdrops, props etc.

The price of a studio is a little extra, again from about £50 – £100, depending on what you want to choose and for how long.

A studio can be picked which is close to you (there maybe some travel involved) and all studios usually have a dressing room, wi-fi and tea or coffee. There is someone who owns the studio, who will help with the set up, but they will then leave us in peace (or they can stick around, as a chaperone, if you wanted them there).

Studio shoots can take a little longer, simply since the set up might take a while, but once we’re up and running, we can carry on the shoot with very little interruptions.


If you are feeling brave enough, we could do a shoot outside. Locally I know of some good places, but if I am travelling to your area, you’ll need to know of a place or two. If not, we can just see where the road takes us. I shot this video in Somerset, simply by driving around and finding a very quiet spot.

Obviously, you’re the one who needs to do all the work on an outdoor shoot, but I will do my best to make sure the photos/videos are done as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you live in a city, there is still the chance to do some outdoor nude photos, but again, that’s up to you. It’s best to head to the local countryside or maybe a beach, where it isn’t so obvious. Outdoor shoots can be great and can provide a really amazing backdrop to images. They are not the normal thing you might have on a profile, but it does add something different.


I’ve been behind a camera all my life, but only become professional in the past few years. I started as a video producer in about 1992. I have had several exhibitions and been featured in many publications and national companies.

Yes and no. I shoot in a format called RAW and then editing in Adobe LightRoom (which is a dark room for the computer), it enables me to bring up shadows, adjust the colours and make the image really stand out. For the Silver Package, there is blurring out faces/tattoos, but that’s all. I want you to look as natural as possible, but at your best.

With the Gold Package, the images are edited to a professional level. 

Of course you can, you can bring as many as you like. We maybe a little constrained by time, but please bring whatever you feel is best for you.

I don’t offer tips on fashion, since I know nothing about it, lol. I generally say, wear what makes you feel your best.

Yes, this is very simple and can be included in which ever package you choose. Simple examples are : 

  1. I require a deposit. 
  2. I do not work with people who do drugs on a shoot. 
  3. I do not interact with anyone I work with. 
  4. I only work with people over 21. 

And please note, I do not offer ‘service for service’, please don’t ask. 

You can have a copy of all the images on the day, supplied on a USB stick. The subtle editing can take 2 – 3 days days (worst case, at busy times 7 – 10 days maximum).

Once I have edited them, I put them on a secure (password protected) server for you, so you can download them from there or Dropbox.

In terms of the law, I do, as the photographer taking the images, but copyright is signed over to you, the model, for your use. I only ever use images with your full permission, if you say no, I don’t use them!

I have a release form which signs all the copyright over to you, so you have complete control of YOUR content. 

You will get everything I take on the day, at no extra cost.

You will then get, on average, about 30 – 50 images per outfit which are nicely edited and then able to download from a secure server or emailed. 

Yes. I do not store the images on line, they are on a protected computer and backed up on an external hard drive. The only time I would put the images on line, is on a secure (password protected) server for your view or download.

I keep the images online for you for 6 months, after that, they are removed. If you need them uploaded again, there is a small fee.

Yes, once we have arranged a time and location for the shoot, a non-refundable deposit is required. Details will be provided when needed.

Yes. If you wanted to references, from other models and other people I have worked with, please contact me and I can forward their details on to you or see my Feedback Page or my AW Profile.

If you have any more questions, please use the Contact page.

No, please don’t ask. Thank you. 


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Please Read

A deposit is required

I require a deposit from all bookings, if I do not have a deposit, at least one week before the booking, I will consider it is not going ahead and possibly give the time slot to someone else.

If there is going to be a delay in the deposit, please let me know.

I do not work with people that do drugs

If you take drugs on a booking with me, I will leave, immediately and all monies paid, in person or by deposit, will not be refunded.

I do not interact with whomever I shoot with

I have been asked about creating clips, such as POV photo/videos, but I do NOT do this. In both my professional and escort photography, I do not interact with the models/escorts. This is a very strict policy I stick too.

In my FAQs I also state that I do not do ‘service for service’, so please don’t ask, it’s money only.

I only work with people over 21

I only work with people over the age of 21. If you are lucky enough to look younger, I will need to see ID as proof of age.