In the past two years…

It was in December 2015 I had my first ever escort shoot.

That seems like sooooo long ago, I mean, I know it is 2 years, but it feels like so much has happened! I’ve got a working website (which took me longer than it should have), I’ve had some lovely feedback from different ladies (and gents) on my AW Profile and I’ve worked with just under 100 different escorts (I’m annoyed I missed it in the 2 years!).

This year, I have done a few new things, I’ve shot and edited a few porn films and I’ve started getting back into making videos for ladies.

I have done a lot of the videos, but alas, I rarely get permission to share them, which is such a shame, since I’m very proud of a lot of them, but, since I sign over the copyright to each and every lady, it means I can’t without permission. Swings and roundabouts.

I have a good few ideas for new videos planned. Some of them require timing with events during the year, so watch this space.

I’ve lost count of the tours I did…I think there was at least one a month. It’s been great to get to places like Manchester, Glasgow, back to Newcastle. I did miss out Wales this year, but it’s already planned for 2018.

I’m so pleased with how my portfolio has been building this year, I’ve shot with some beautiful BBW ladies, some male escorts, I was hoping for some TS shoots, but they are planned for next year now.

I can’t  say I have a favourite photo of the year, but here are a few I’m pleased with.

There are a LOT more I would like to post, but I’m not going to go mental. I’m hoping 2018 will carry on as the same.