‘I’m too scared to do a video!’

I was on the phone this week to a lady looking for a shoot. I asked her about a video, to which she replied :

I’m too scared to do a video!

Which I completely understand. Posing for photos is one thing, even if a lady is nervous, time can be taken until everything is right and the shutter is pressed. With a video, things are very different, you have to ‘act’, stand in the right place, face the right way, move the right way…there’s a lot to remember. On top of that, you might be worried about your face being shown, tattoos etc. It’s not for everyone, but, I disagree, I think everyone could do a video.

This is a recent video I shot with a lady, she didn’t want her face shown, as you can see, but it’s not a problem with creative editing and if it’s all shot correctly.

The first edit I did, I sent to her (privately) and she didn’t like it, because of how she looked in a couple of the scenes…not a problem, a few tweaks and some more editing, and I finally got it looking how she wanted it. It took a while, but we got there in the end.

On the actual shoot, she was a little nervous, but I hope I gave her good directions and put her at ease, so she was able to do the shots we were after. All in all, she was pleased with it, and, I’m pretty proud of it myself.

‘Behind’ the camera’

I will admit, I do love making videos, since you can include a ‘story’ of sorts, it’s not just a bunch of random images. It can tell potential clients who you are, how you move, your sense of humour…so much more than just photos.

A short intro video can make such a difference to your profile.

I have also just made a DVD for two ladies, their own personal porno, to play in the background on bookings.

A personalised porno

I will be, over the next few weeks, be re-vamping my packages to include videos more and, things like, DVDs, as above.

If you are thinking about a video, have a look at some of my other videos I’ve done HERE, and, if you’re nervous about starring in your own video, you don’t have to show who you are, but you can show how sexy you are!