I'm not a wedding photographer

Many moons ago, my dad worked as a projectionist at a local cinema. He used to work with another chap, who later worked as a cameraman for ITV, but then set himself up as a wedding videographer/cameraman. There’s a long story, but I now work with the same man with weddings.
He doesn’t drive, so I am his driver, cameraman, ‘stand people where they are supposed to stand’ person, photographer etc. It’s great, he has to do all the important stuff, like the first kiss, cutting the cake, the first dance etc, and I have to get the shots of friends and family, candid stuff.
I’m not really a wedding photographer, truth be told, I’m more of a Honeymoon Photographer. #winkwink
I do love the weddings, everyone looks happy, everyone is smartly dressed and we usually get fed a slap up meal! 🙂
He’s based in Plymouth, so I get to stay with my mum for the weekend and catch up with the family at the same time. I’m heading off today, mum said she’s doing a home cooked meal. Tomorrow is the wedding, which will be all day. Sunday is photos with a pole dancing escort. Monday, back home. Happy days!
I hope everyone is in for a good Bank Holiday weekend.