I no longer have a studio…I’m completely mobile.

So, this weekend marks the end of my studio. I’ve just been over there to clear out the last of my things. It feels odd, I’ve been in there for about 5 years now and it means I’m no longer based anywhere, I’m now completely mobile.

Goodbye old friend

It’s so weird, coz this part has always had my computer there, from when I first moved in. I’ve had a great time in there, but it’s just no longer needed. I haven’t used a studio (mine or anywhere), since I always shoot in a hotel or a girls work place.

In other news, moving out of the studio means a chance for a fresh new beginning! With that in mind, I have relaunched the website, I’ve re-priced myself, I have some new business cards, a new laptop to work from…it’s a big change, but a good one!

I also have Tours planned for Newcastle and Manchester, I’m waiting until 1st Aug to really publish them, but the details are on here and my AW profile. I’m already getting bookings, so places are filling up.