How about a whole new you? New photos? And a new website?

Can you believe it’s almost August? I know, right?

We’ve been having an amazing summer, the sun has been out, every has been moaning how hot it is and there’s been lots of sports on the TV (I’m not a fan). I’ve had a full 3 months off, but I’m slowly getting better, I’ve still got a bit of a limp, but I can move around pretty well. The down side is, in Aug, I have to go back for a check up, and the strap the doc put in, might have to come out, which will mean another few weeks off, but, fingers crossed, I won’t have too.

I already have bookings for end of Aug and Sept¬† and the last thing I need to have to move them around…Contact Me for details of where I’m going to be and when.

With my time off, I have been busy…I’ve been self employed for so long, I just can’t not work! I had a few ladies ask me about websites, so I worked on one for one of my regs. She was very pleased and started to get work through it.

I’ve been building websites since about 2000 odd, always working on my own, like this one and a few others in my other side of work. I won’t say I’m advanced with it, but I know the ins and outs of making one, keeping it secure and making them look good. So, I’m pleased to say, I launched PG Websites.


In an article in The Verge, Craigslist and Vivastreet have closed down adverts for sexual services and the likes of AdultWork are on the governments hit list to close as well. It is a very big if, but IF AW got shut down, how would you advertise?

Having your own website, means :

  • You can control all of the content
  • You are getting the most of your online presence
  • You can advertise how you want
  • You can post your phone number, location and diary, for free
  • It won’t be taken down on a whim (*cough* like AW has done in the past)
  • All of your details, photos and media can be backed up
  • It shows potential clients how professional you are

There are many benefits to having a your own personal website, so I’m offering a service to build one for you!

PG WEBSITES is the new site I’ve created for it, all the details are on there, plus a small (but growing) portfolio. I’m offering a whole new package, which includes Photos and a Website and, if you have had a shoot with me before, there is a discount off a new website, you only need to Contact Me for details.