Happy Birthday to me! My first year on AdultWork.com

This time, last year, I went ‘live’!

My AdultWork Profile

I finally set up my AdultWork profile and started the ball really rolling on escort photography. Up until that moment, I had been ‘dipping my toes’ in with it, but when I set up the AW profile, I knew I had to start taking it more seriously and put more effort into it.
Over the first year, I’ve worked with some amazing people, captured some gorgeous images and I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country. I do love the tours/trips to London, they are always so much fun…I keep meaning to actually get some sightseeing done, but never seem to get the time.
It’s certainly been an interesting year, I’ve made a few mistakes¬†and I’ve learnt an awful lot. I’ve been able to upgrade some of my gear and I like to feel I’ve improved as a photographer, as well as a human being.
I’ve already got work booked up for the next year, plans for May and Aug…hopefully, this time next year, I’ll be still going strong and getting to work with even more of you.
Happy birthday to me!