I just wanted to put over my side of the story.
I am to blame for a fair amount of it, but I’m not completely blameless.
The first time I met Hannah, I was offered a hotel room for the night. Hannah was happy to let me sleep there for the night, she headed home and would be back in the morning. The following day, we did some photos, we had a punt, then we went to lunch with dinner, with two other punters.
Hannah seems pretty happy about having lunch, dinner or even going to a movie with some clients. So guys, just ask, she might say yes, she’s done it several times before with punters…so you might be one of the lucky ones. I know I was and I know some of the other guys still are. She even makes jokes about giving out HJs…but that’s not true, lol, they aren’t paying.

Who took this?
Who took this?

The down side is about blurring the lines is, when she then changes her mind about things, she gets a bit ‘creeped’ out and then turns on you and make it seem like your fault. 🙁
The Glasgow thing is true. I was hoping to get some work in Glasgow, I noticed Hannah had a tour at the same time…so, since she had offered me to stay with her, I mentioned that we could share the cost and tour together (remember, I had been sent signals and I thought this might have been OK), so I mentioned it to her. Did I mention a dirty weekend? Yes, I did, since she’s been happy to exchange services before hand and she was happy for me punt with her, I said with the dirty weekend I would have paid. She said no, and that’s the last I mentioned it.
The EAS is a no, sorry, but I’ve been emotionally detached from everything for a long time. But I can see why some guys might get EAS with you, you’re happy to go on dates, cinema, even days out at a convention with some of your clients. It’s those blurred lines again.
And I have to say this, but if you can’t see that certain people have EAS for you, you’re in the wrong job…in fact, you’re playing with peoples emotions and they don’t seem to have any idea! It’s kinda not fair really, there they are, thinking there might be a relationship, but it’s never going to happen, but as long as they pay their time, you’re happy. That’s the main thing.
The mood swings, again, I have been fine, for a long time, but when I had someone show such ‘friendship’, but then to only take it all away coz it crossed boundaries, which were very blurred and vague, kinda confuses me and then sends me off on one.
I hope this shows that I’m not the only one to blame here. There’s such a thing as ‘professional distance’ and when that’s all blurred and ignored, people get hurt.