Feedback : 11,000 AW profile views, 20 credits a day and one image sold to a client

So, today I had an email from a girl I shot with a little while back.

I thought I’d share something with you seeing as your part of this success. It’s been a month since the photos were done and I’ve been running my numbers. The day before I started putting photos on my profile my view total was 48,391 as of today my view total is 59,435. I’m averaging 20 credits per day. Thank you so much xx

She’s been ‘drip feeding’ the images to her profile and it’s really been paying off. I’ve also been told that one of the images I took of her, which she posted on her AW profile, was just sold to one of her clients for £250!!!
It was a rather artistic shot, which I had made into black and white on her request. The client saw it and said he wanted it for wall art, so he asked to buy the copyright to it. Since I sign all the copyright over to each girl I work with, she was able to sell it to him. I’ve been photographing now for about 4 years, but I’ve never sold an image for that much. The good news is, she’s already booked me for another shoot, since she was told he’s going to look out for any more to purchase.


It wasn’t this images, since both myself or the girl can’t​ use it, but this is one of my more artistic shots, I’m sometimes asked to edit.