Busy over this weekend

I have a busy weekend. I’m on a shoot today, then down to Plymouth to stay at my mums…and I’m very much looking for to a home cooked meal.
Saturday I have a wedding to film. I’m only secondary camera, but I like that, since I don’t have to worry about the important stuff like cutting the cake or the vows, I can just get the ‘cut away’ shots, people smiling and having fun.
Sunday I’m making my way up to London for a photo shoot in the afternoon, then I have two more shoots on the Monday, then back home and crack on with editing.

Camera gear ready to go

When I get back, I have to sort out Manchester and I still have more trips to London planned.
I’ve also been contacted about more porn shoots, I’m just waiting for the details. And, I have news about my studio…but again, I’m just waiting on the details.