Back to basics…new packages on the way

The foot doesn’t seem to be getting any better, it feels like I’m going to have this bloody cast on forever! Being stuck at home, is a real pain in the arse, but, I’m using my time wisely.

When I started taking the photography more seriously and began to turn pro, I was doing a lot of model work in studios, with a lot of higher end photoshopping. When I started the escort photography, I moved away from studio/photoshop, to make  the photos look more natural (I have a story about why in one of my previous blogs).

Edited in photoshop

With my down time, stuck at home, I’ve had the chance to go back to the editing techniques. It is like riding a bike, you don’t really forget things, you just get help remembering them, skin toning, blemish removal, texture replacement etc. The editing still have to be un-noticeable, there’s no point in editing over the top and making a model look like a Barbie doll that’s been left in the sun for a week.

The interesting thing about the higher end photography is that I might be getting back into more studios. I have said before, that studio work is a little to easy, but then, why shouldn’t I make things a little easier for myself? So, over the next while, I’m going to be looking at re-working my packages and offering different packages, including a ‘studio package’ or two.

With studio shoots, I’ll hopefully be able to offer things like hair and make up designers and different styles of photos, from blank backgrounds to beautiful bedroom sets etc. As I have said before, my mine aim would be to give you a great looking portfolio, without repeating myself (or anyone else’s work).

I already have two bookings for a studio shoot in Newcastle, so I’m looking at trying two different places, to see what they are like and what the owners are like, then hopefully use them more and more in the future.