Back from Newcastle with one of the best quotes ever!

So I’m back in my studio, the photos are unloading on to the computer and I’m ready to start editing. I had 5 shoots over the weekend and a fair few photos to go through, but slow and steady wins the race.
I genuinely loved working with everyone this weekend, including one girl who has a degree in photography and wanted me to shoot her. I was a little nervous tbh, but having someone that creative and insightful was a really big help and we made some great images together.
Now, my favourite quote ever came from this weekend. I was shooting a good on location just south of the Tyne, we are in her work bedroom and taking photos on a bed, she’s on all fours, in some underwear, and I’m taking photos of her bum, to which she asks :

Can you see what I had for breakfast?

I’ve never heard this (what I’ve been told is a Northern) expression before and it just killed me! I’m still giggling now! šŸ˜€
I can’tĀ thank everyone enough for the shoots I had with them, they were really great, a lot of fun and really creative, I’ll be in touch with the photos as soon as they are done.
In theĀ mean time, hereĀ is a very quick edit one, which I think is becoming my ‘Signature Image’.