Back behind the camera…first tour in four months

That four months off was horrible, I got cabin fever, got a little restless with re-editing old photos and had no new videos to edit, but now, I’m swamped with stuff! I’m so happy!


The trip to Manchester was great. My first client had arranged to pick me up, but we ended up missing each other and I got a taxi to the hotel, lol. The first shoot was a Sensual Massage shoot, both photos and video.

The following day, I had the day off, so I saw the sights, including both football stadiums. Now, I’m not a fan of football, like at all, so I thought I would take photos there just to annoy my friends.

I don’t know who they are?

Genuinely, no idea who they are. I did have a meal there, just for the fun of it. In the evening, I met up with a previous client who needed some help with her website, so we got a bite to eat and then work on her site, which we did and all was good.

Friday, had most of the day off, but then a shoot with a ‘reg’ of mine, this time just for photos.

Colour splash of red

Saturday was another day off, so I went to the local IMAX Cinema and watched SOLO (again), which was great.

I switched hotels on the Saturday, from a place I was offering incalls, to a cheaper hotel…big mistake! It was terrible. When I got there, there was a flight of stairs before getting to reception (not fun with my boot, stick and bags). There was a shared bathroom in the place and I had a shower in my room, it was soon evident that a few people didn’t bother finding the bathroom in the night and would just pee in the shower.

Saturday night was…loud. I didn’t get to sleep until 1am due to the swearing, shouting, arguing, bottles smashing and puking. At 4am, someone thought it was a good idea to tip over all the recycling bins and smash a load of bottles in the alley above my room, but it was OK, since the council sent some sweeping machines to clear it up at 6am!

Sunday was then hectic, I had a video shoot for two ladies that wanted a personalised porno DVD to play in the background on bookings. I’ve worked with them before and it was great to see them again.

Checking the footage

I had lunch at a local pub and then got picked up for an outdoor shoot, again, with another reg. Then back to my hotel and ready for Glasgow on the Monday.


I’d arranged to work the week with Jess Scotland, a lady you might have seen recently on Channel 5’s documentary about sex workers. I’ve worked with Jess loads of times before, so I knew it was going to be a good week.

Behind the scenes

Jess had arranged a few shoots in different locations, including a beach and near a local dam. We had a very busy week, but it was fine, we got loads of content done, pictures and videos. I’ll put in a wee gallery below.

On the Sunday I got the chance to work with Devon Breeze, who won MILF of the Year 2017 at the UKAP Awards. She’s worked in the industry for a while, both in front and behind the camera, so it was nice to talk shop with someone. She’s a true professional and a really great laugh.

MILF of the Year

I was supposed to be heading home on the Monday, but had a booking moved around, which was fine and it was a great last shoot.

I think I learnt that 2 weeks is too long a time to tour! I certainly won’t be doing it again for that long, a week at most and it’s also important to schedule some time off, so I can have a few days to myself.

I was so pleased to be back and work. I have more plans for Glasgow again, more with Jess and Devon hopefully and I missed Newcastle this time around, so I plan on getting there very soon.