And 3rd place goes to…

Woke up this morning and found I had come third in a photographic competition on one of the photography websites I post on. They have regular competitions and I enter, now and then.
As with last time, I would love to post the image, but it’s actually one of my biggest sellers and is easily findable. It was of a landscape I took about a year ago, but the competition was for a landscape, so I thought I would put it in. It’s voted for by fellow photographers and overall had over 1,000 votes, so I’m fairly proud.
In other news, I have 3 shoots lined up this week, I’m heading to Bristol and Taunton for them. The Taunton shoot will be interesting, it’s a MFF shoot and videos to be shot. It’s working with a couple I have worked with before and I can’t wait to see them again.
Here is a heavily edited (as per request) photo of them.