About Me

Hello, my name is Phil.

I’m a professional photographer who’s been into photography his whole life. One of my first ever memories was watching Star Wars, with my dad, in our home made cinema in the garage, I was about 5 at the time. Dad and myself would sit there and discuss the movies we would watch, how it was directed, how well it was acted, what the script was like etc. I never knew then, I would have a career in movie production and photography.

When I left school in 1992, dad and myself started a production company and I have worked as a DVD producer for 25 years now. I have made over 30 documentaries and other productions, some of which have been featured on the BBC and other UK channels. In the past few years has turned my hand to photography, using the skills I have learned from 25 years as a cinematographer.

Behind the Scenes

I’ve had several exhibitions and have been featured in a few publications and recently came first in a photography competition for a national magazine. I have also had work featured on several BBC programs and their social media.

I also now conduct workshops and teach photography.

I work with escorts to help boost their profiles. My aim to get you looking as natural as possible, I don’t like to work in a studio and have you posed in staged shots with perfect background, I don’t do heavy editing, making your skin look like plastic, I want you to look like you!

Be Sexy. Be you!

The other main difference between me and other photographers is, you get more photos. I don’t charge for 5 or 6 highly edited photos, I like to provide you with a full portfolio, with different poses, outfits and backdrops, so you can choose your images and the ones you like the best. In fact, I give you a full copy of everything I take on the day. On average, I provide a model with 30 – 50 photos per hour, all nicely edited, cropped, blurred and ready for you to upload to your website, social media or AdultWork.

I also sign the copyright over to you, so you own all the images. I don’t charge you for any extra images you would like to use, they are all yours to use however you like.

On a shoot

I am very professional about my shoots and I do the best I can to make you look your best. My photo shoots are very relaxed and I try to make them fun.

For more details about before, during and after the shoot, please see my About The Shoot page.

For more information, please feel free to Contact Me