A profile boost, new photos, videos and a new website?

It’s Aug, the sun is shining, the summer is here and it’s time for a profile boost. I’m sure you know all the details, but, just to go over the basics.

Boudoir Photos & Videos

I can offer a professional and fun shoot and I provide you with a full portfolio of photos, different outfits, different backdrops, different styles, so it’s not just the same old photo over and over again, you’ll get a full set of images, from boudoir to Private Gallery. I keep my photos simple, but sexy and I don’t overly photoshop, I just make you look the best you are! All the details of the shoot are on my PACKAGES page.

The videos are the same, they can be tastefully shot, don’t have to show your face and edited so you are happy with them. It can include your website or AW profile and given to you in a format that can be posted here, AW, social media etc. I can even make you a DVD if you wanted one.


Prices start from £250 for a shoot. Details are on my Website or AW Profile.

A New Website

I can now offer you a brand new website, personal to you, looking professional, phone/tablet friendly, fully secure, search engine ready, with all the content you want, so you have full control over everything…all for the price of one or two bookings. All the details are on my new WEBSITE.

Prices start at from £300, but, since I was looking at launching things in Aug and got to iron out a few wrinkles, there’s a discount for a new website :

A new personal escorting website : £250 (all inclusive for the first year)

Again, if you have has a shoot with me before, there’s more of discount off that, PM me for details.

That’s everything, if I have missed anything, just Contact Me and ask.