A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

When I have a wedding to film, it means staying with my mum for the weekend, coz they are in Plymouth, where I was born and raised. At mums this weekend, I was going through some bits and bobs and found this :

In the local paper

Yep, I was in the paper coz I had made my own cinema, just for the release of Star Wars The Phantom Menace. The photo was of me, at a mere 24 years old. At the time, dad and myself were selling video projectors, new to the market…a snip at only £3000 each! But we had one, set up a cinema (with a screen we had from the days of the cinema in the garage) and contacted the local paper, anything for a bit of free advertising, lol.

Now, I would like to state, yes, I saw TPM nine times in the cinema, I was overly excited and I was also a little naive, coz it was a new Star Wars movie…I thought I would never see the day! If you ask me now about TPM, I would get on my soapbox and tell you how awful it is! In fact, just go HERE and watch it, it explains everything.

If I was 24, that would have been in 1999 (I had to get a bloody calculator for that!), dad and myself have been video producing for about 7 years. Although we hadn’t had a cinema in that time, it was nice to get one back. Now, here I am, 18 years later, making more video for people, generally naughty ones, with boobs! If only that young lad knew then what the future was in store for him!