My week in Newcastle and Manchester

This week was a tour to Newcastle and Manchester. It was excellent, although very tiring. Here are some highlights.


I drove from my place up to Newcastle on the Monday. I usually like to listen to an audio book or three, but I had forgotten my memory card with them on, so I drove up just listening to the music on the radio.

I stayed in the same place I have stayed before in Newcastle, but this time, the room wasn’t as good. I always seem to get stuck on the top floor (and there’s usually no lifts) and it was very noisy outside.

When I got checked in, I popped into town, since I needed to get some USB sticks for the shoots that week. I had some dinner and was going to go to the cinema, but there was nothing on I fancied and, tbh, I was tired.


On Tuesday, I was seeing a regular (only the second time of seeing her, but I’m counting her as a reg) for the day. We had planned to shoot some photos and videos this time around. We started at her place of work and got creative with some videos.

We stopped for some lunch, then in the afternoon, went out and about to shoot some outdoor nude photos and videos. It was rather exciting, since now and then, someone would walk by and we just had to act natural, lol.

A naughty walk in the woods

In the evening, I ate out and then headed back to the hotel, since I had to be up at 6am to drive to Manchester for Wednesday.


The traffic wasn’t too bad and I got to my first Manchester booking nice and early. It was someone I hadn’t worked with before, which is always exciting.

The place we were shooting was great, a nice big bedroom and a lovely set of French windows, which were excellent for lighting.

Natural lighting

The lady in question didn’t want videos, but I asked her if I could show her some of my work. She saw about three of my videos and then asked if I could come back later in the week! We arranged for a photo/video shoot with herself and her duo partner for Friday morning. Happy days!

In the avo, I grabbed some lunch and headed to my hotel. I was offering incalls this time around. The room I had was a little smaller, but it was still a very good space.

In the evening, I edited some of the photos and videos I had already done and then found a local Chinese Buffet, so I stuffed myself stupid (which didn’t take long) and then headed back to my hotel and crashed!


Thursday I had another reg (third time with this lady) and I said I would meet her near where the hotel was. This is because I wanted to hang around Media City and maybe bump into a celeb. So, as I’m walking around, I see Charlie Stayt from BBC Breakfast. I was hoping to meet Naga, but never mind.

Charlie was really nice and took the time to have a chat with me. He asked why I was in Manchester, I said I was a photographer and had some work there, he asked if I was using a studio in Media City, I said no, that it was in my, umm, hotel room. He looked puzzled, so I told him I was an escort photographer! He was taken back a little,  but seemed OK about it. We had a little chat and I asked him to give PG Photos a mention on the Breakfast the next day, he laughed and said that wasn’t going to happen, lol.

Me and Charlie

Then, I went to get a cuppa and wait for my first booking. I was sat in a local coffee shop and I saw someone I recognized, it was Young Kenny from Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights, he was the one, who in the second series, had a face like a tiger. He was chatting, but I popped over and said hello, again, a thoroughly nice chap and a good laugh.

Young Kenny and me

Then my first booking arrived and we made are way to my hotel. It was nice to catch up and we had a good natter, in fact, it was a bit too good of a natter! We ran way over time and got even a little rushed near the end. Opps. I walked her to her car and headed out for some lunch, before my next booking.

The lady arrived at one end of Media City and I was at the other, so after a long phone call, a lot of waving and a lot of standing outside the wrong building, we met up.

She was lovely! A little nervous, since she hadn’t had a professional shoot before, but after a cuppa, she relaxed and we did the shoot. She was pleased with the results of some of the images I have done (I haven’t finished them all yet), but she did send me an email today saying :

These are so nice Phil. You’re a miracle worker. I had to switch my phone off. So many bookings since the 3 pics went up yesterday. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you and thank you again. Going to work on my weight and book you again before the end of the year. Definitely best investment ever. Your fee has come come back multiple times to me as I’m fully booked till end of next week so far. You’re amazing. X

That was great feedback. I’m not just there to make you look good in the images, I want you to get work from them and, hopefully, some return work for me (there is 10% off my prices if you have a shoot with me again). I can’t wait to get the rest of her photos sorted and see the response they get.

I walked her back to where she had parked, grabbed some dinner and then crashed out in my hotel for the evening and did some more editing.


Friday I was back to the girl I had seen on Wed and meet her duo partner. Both the ladies were great, so much fun and very open to ideas. We did some duo shots for them and they wanted videos for their AW, so we shot a few of them as well.

Behind the scenes

The videos we shot were pretty hardcore, but then, that’s all par for the course. I have finished their photos, but not moved on to the videos just yet, but then, it’s only the day after. The amount of footage we shoot, there should be about 10 – 15 finished clips I’m hoping.

The drive home was a right bugger, but then, it was back holiday weekend Friday. What should have been about 4 hours, was 6 in the end.

Now I’m editing, a set of photos for each lady at a time and getting the finished images to them. I’ll hopefully post a few later, if/when I get permission.

The rest of my weekend will be sleeping, coz I am knackered! It looks like I’m going to be heading to Manchester again in Sept (dates tbc) and I might have to pop across to Newcastle and I’ve had enquiries about Scotland. As soon as something is sorted, I will post the details on my Tours Page.