3 years ago today…and a review of 2018

It was 3 years ago, today, that I first started taking my boudoir photography more seriously. 

I had been working on my photography for a few years previously (and still making DVDs), but I never thought I would have become a boudoir photographer in a million years, lol. 

In fact, I remember attending a local photo club and having someone talk about boudoir photos…a friend and myself sat there giggling about how cool that would be. That seems like an age ago now. 

2018 has been a mixed year, breaking my foot was an absolute bugger, but I have met and worked with some great people, and even got a few new ‘regs’. I’ve had some lovely feedback from people and still been able to get to Manchester, Glasgow and back to Newcastle. 

My tours are finished, since I’m off to Glasgow and Edinburgh next week, but I’m then looking forward to a rest over the holidays. 

In the mean time, here’s a review of the year!