25 years ago today…I made my first video!

It was June 25th 1992. I was coming up to my last few months of school and today was the day dad and myself got a letter in the post from Companies House saying we had a company.
Dad and myself had been planning this day for a while, so it was on the same day, in my old bedroom, we made our first video production. We had 3 video recorders and a small edit suite and we made our first VHS video! At the time, we used Super VHS recorders and tapes, they were slightly better, apparently. We had a two colour photocopier for the VHS boxes, it was in black and green.
Dad had been a projectionist in one of the cinemas in Plymouth for most of days (which paid for his training has an accountant, but he always had a love of films). Back in the day, movies were on 8mm, this was long before the days of video. Over the years we worked together, we ended up making about 30 documentaries, some of which have been featured on the BBC, ITV and some Sky channels. The productions we made still sell well to this day.
Dad passed away 16 years ago now, and since then, the video production slowed down, which is why I moved into photography, but now, I’m back making the productions, I’m working on a lot of boudoir videos at the moment and making some pornos. Funny how things come full circle.

I seemed to of had a camera in my hands for all my life as I can remember.

Me on a porn shoot